I found some time to get back to posting more info about Carrie and some of her stories. I have been out of a job for seven months now, and spend hours and hours online  filling out applications and sending in resumes…today, though, I decided I have had enough of that and it is time to do something more interesting. Who knows, maybe I will even write a bit myself. I have many manuscripts waiting to be finished, and short stories waiting to be edited and sent out…

Unfortunately, being unemployed for so long and watching all your money drain out of your accounts doesn’t really give one a sense of well-being enough to give up the hunt for a job in favor of writing pages of fantasy and adventure. On the other hand, I believe it was the Medieval Italian poet, Petrarch, who wrote he would give his last coins to buy a book rather than a loaf of bread; thus, we are what we are, a hopeless lot lost in a make-believe world rather than reality.

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