Ginger Boy and the Silver Lariat–Website Up!

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The long days of being unemployed drag on….but, in the meantime, I have formed my own publishing company and have released the first title, “Ginger Boy and the Silver Lariat”. It begins as the old tale of the Gingerbread Man, but then takes a swift turn into the pages of the Old West where “Ginger Boy” meets the mystical Thunderbird and receives a magical gift. This is the first of a proposed 10-book series that features Ginger Boy and his “magical and helpful”  involvement with people, places and events that happened in the Old West.  The reading age is 6 to 12, but there is nothing stopping parents and grandparents from reading the book to those still learning to read! The books include a short Old West vocabulary list and a minimum of two historical notes for further information about the foundation of the story, or interesting points therein.

Now, what about a website, you ask….

It’s up an running!! Feel free to place your orders via PayPal Secure Checkout, or by check or money order. The website tells you how! 

Or, you can order now from my ArtFire website at:

Orders can also be sent to:

Toughnut Press
8824 E. Old Spanish Trail
Tucson, AZ 85710

Book is $6.95 plus tax and shipping. See the following–I did the math for you! Checks held until cleared, or send money order for prompt shipping.

Tucson, AZ Order: $9.53
State of AZ Order: $9.40
Rest of USA and Canada: $8.90
Rest of World: $10.50

Shipping is via US Postal Service 1st Class Rate.

Questions and inquiries can be directed to

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